• Salmosan is an innovative and highly technological natural based product, covering not only the animal nutrition aspects but food safety as well.

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  • Salmosan is a product that blocks bacteria colonization at gut level and by doing that, the microorganism will not be transmitted through the food chain to humans.

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  • Salmosan is technically conceived under five different optics.

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efecto múltiple

Multiple Effect

It is a patented natural product rich in β-galactomannans of vegetable origin, subjected to a specific process of fractionation and purification. This process gives Salmosan® an optimal polysaccharides structure and turns it into an active product.

It is based on the barrier concept, since it blocks the bacteria fimbrial adherence mechanism to the enterocyte, thus blocking bacteria colonization.

It creates a real and irreversible effect against Salmonella, thus achieving its removal from intestinal tract. Salmosan® acts without metabolic mediators

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